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A History of the Porsche Cayman (987C)
Porsche Cayman (987C)

Introduction to the Porsche Cayman (987C)

The Cayman coupé (Internal code 987C) and the second generation Boxster convertible (Internal code 987) share the same mid-engined platform and many components, including front fenders and trunk lid, side doors, headlights and forward portion of the interior to name the most prominent only. The design of the Cayman’s body incorporates styling elements derived from two classic Porsches: the 550 Coupé and the 904 Coupé. Unlike the Boxster, the Cayman has a large hatchback for access to luggage areas on top and in back of the engine cover. The suspension design is fundamentally the same as that of the Boxster, but features revised settings appropriate to the increase chassis stiffness resulting from the Cayman’s fixed roof.

The watercooled 3.4 litre flat-6 boxer engine (type M97.21) in the Cayman S is derived from the Boxster S’s 3.2 litre powerplant (M96.26), but features cylinder heads from the 997 S’s 3.8 litre motor (M97.01) with the VarioCam Plus inlet valve timing and lift system. The standard Cayman (non S) is powered by a 2.7 litre version of that engine (M97.20). The exclusive use of these new powerplants in Caymans ended with MY 2007 when the Boxster (987.310) and Boxster S (987.320) were upgraded with the engine from the respective Cayman model.

Power output is 245bhp @ 6500rpm / 273Nm @ 4600rpm for the Cayman and 295bhp @ 6250rpm / 340Nm @ 4400rpm for the Cayman S.

A 5-speed manual transaxle is standard on the normal Cayman, while a 6-speed manual is the default for the S (and an option on the normal). An electronically controlled 5-speed automatic transaxle (Tiptronic) is also available. Other options include active shock absorbers PASM, Porsche ceramic composite brakes (PCCB), xenon headlights (Hella’s Bi-Xenon) and an electronically controlled sport mode (Sport Chrono Package).

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